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Default XM radio in Hawaii

The item below is from the publisher of a major boating magazine (currently cruising in Mexico) who had inquired to XM about coverage; I thought you might like to see what he reported:


December 22 - from the West Coast of Mexico

"Regarding your coverage question," responded XM radio officials, "XM is only licensed to provide service to the United States (all states except Alaska and Hawaii), its territories, and adjacent waters. Outside of these areas XM is very careful to not exceed the signal strength defined by international regulations. At some locations outside the defined service area, however, even if XM is within the transmission limits, the signal level is still strong enough for you to get service. In general, it is not easy to answer coverage questions for locations outside of the U.S. since XM has not designed the system to work and has not tested outside the U.S."
That said, our XM radio had worked great as far south as Acapulco, at which point it doesn't get a signal.

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