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Default Re: The general purpose sci-fi movie thread

Originally Posted by scrivener View Post
If you haven't seen Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman in Gattaca, check it out. I really, really, really like it, and I plan to show it to my senior English class. In addition to some really good performances, there's a lot to discuss here about science and moral dilemma. Also, this film is rich with visual symbolism, like in a scene where one character, who cannot walk, is pulling himself up a spiral staircase that looks like a double helix. Good stuff.
I've always thought of Gattaca as being sort of a rip-off of Isaac Asimov's Profession, which also dwells on the idea of a futuristic society that is divided between the genetically gifted "haves" and the "have-nots" who are isolated as outcasts.

My top 5 sci-fi flicks are:

1) 2001
2) The Martian Chronicles (TV mini-series)
3) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (both 1956 and '78 versions)
4) Alien
5) Contact
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