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Lightbulb Re: Thirty Meter Telescope Proposal For Mauna Kea

TMT protesters arrested: Spirit of aloha pervades as police break up Mauna Kea roadblocks
The TMT opponents, who arrived outside the Mauna Kea visitor center at the 9,000-foot level before sunrise, held the workers back for the first few hours as they staged multiple roadblocks up the steep, winding summit road.

The crews eventually reached the construction area and began their work at about noon, but not before the protesters held another stand at the site, which they filled with the sounds of Hawaiian chants and songs.

About 30 to 40 TMT opponents gathered at the summit, and warmly embraced those who were willing to be detained as they were loaded into a police van. They stood afterward in a prayer circle on the summit road with a few police officers who joined them at their request.
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