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Default Re: Marvel's The Avengers

Originally Posted by Amati View Post
I never could figure out what the "special Avengers powers" of the female was.
While it was not shown in the movie, if a locked car was missing its keys and it needed to be moved the six superheros of the Avengers would have done the following things based on their physical strength and skill sets:

Black Widow and Hawkeye would have either picked the lock or smash the window, hot wire the car and just drive it off.

Captain America would either smash the window or rip off the door, while he couldn't lift the car, he could have tipped it over and somehow remarked that the car lacks a clutch.

Iron Man would most likey to have lift the car out of the way but there is a small chance that his armor could have interface with the car and have it drive itself away (not possible with an older car)

Thor would most likey to have lifted the car out of the way or get hit by the car (twice) assuming either Black Widow, Hawkeye or Iron Man was driving the car.

The Hulk, I would have to say maybe 10% chance he will lift the car away, 15% chance he tosses the car away (with a small chance Thor will be standing at the same spot the car lands) and the remaining 75% chance he would just smash the car.

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