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Default Re: Pali, Likelike or H-3?

Originally Posted by Pomai View Post
My destination was back to our office which is near downtown, so then I thought, if I took Likelike, I'd either have to fight traffic on H-1 to get from Kalihi to downtown. Or, take the Kalihi street cutoff and drive down King Street east-bound, dealing with all the traffic lights and construction work along the way in the Palama area.
Ahem! Some of us who call Kalihi "home" look at the matter quite differently. Damn Windward motorists clogging up our neighborhood roads trying to get to town.


Originally Posted by GeckoGeek View Post
Another advantage of Likelike over Pali is that there's less elevation gain. A bonus if you're in a underpowered car. I remember the school buses taking Likelike for that reason.
True. But in the days before H3, the one exception came to buses transporting football teams/marching bands. If a Windward team played Farrington at Aloha Stadium, going back home on the Likelike meant they (Castle, Kailua, or Kalaheo) lost. If they won, the drivers wouldn't chance Likelike. Going up the Pali obviously meant a major detour for Castle HS, but it was either enduring the inconvience,..... or risking shattered windows driving past Kam IV Road Housing.
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