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Default Re: Pali, Likelike or H-3?

Originally Posted by alohacandy View Post
One of our reasons for choosing to buy on the Windward side (besides the incredible scenery, the people, the quieter lifestyle and the cooler weather) was all the choices of routes into town....
Same here. Traffic and cooler weather were the two big ones for my wife and me.

I used to live in Waipahu and work in town. I dealt with that ridiculous commute twice a day. When you live that commute, you get used to it, and you don't realize how stupid it is until you don't have to deal with it anymore.

I take the H3 to/from work everyday, and I'm doing at least the speed limit the entire way. Leeward-side commuters are lucky if they get anywhere near the speed limit for more than two or three minutes at a time.

It's not just that the roads in/out of the Windward side aren't congested, it's -- like you said -- that there are multiple choices. Leeward or East Oahu folks are screwed if their one good route to work is closed or badly congested. If my primary route to work is closed, no problem. I'll take one of the other two uncongested ones. It'll add a few minutes to my commute on a bad day.

Cool weather is another big one. I know we don't get the awesome sunsets, but I love that the sun disappears behind the Koolaus fairly early in the afternoon. We get to enjoy a few hours of cool shade while the rest of the island is still heating up. Yeah, it gets pretty chilly in the winter months, but having cool weather all year-round easily makes it worth it.

I know I'm going off-topic here, but the three routes in/out of the Windward side is just one of the many reasons why I love living here.
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