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Default Re: Homeless solutions

Ron, while it is an admirable idea, I have to agree with Greg. Once you put out the free food, the birds will flock from all over.

Second item to consider is wasn't the temporary shelter that Lingle set up on the West side of the Island not completely full with many people still choosing to live on the beaches and parks, with the reason being too much restrictions with living in the shelter?

I would think we would need to stop attacking issues piecemeal and slowly start to attack the source. Homelessness, jobs, personnel finances, etc are all related. Then to do so without allowing a free ride for abusers to any programs.

Things to possibly consider:

Instead of building housing for individuals to live for free, build cheap housing for them to afford, so they have ownership, thus the restrictions may be lessened. To qualify, they will need to meet with a financial manager who will look at their income sources and how to budget that income(should not be buying a luxury car when their finances cannot support it, even consider public transportation). If they have no income source, then they will need to be placed into a program to learn or better a current skill that will place them into the workforce. If that cannot happen because of current economy and lack of jobs, place them to work for the state in some temporary job that they qualify for (answering phones, assist in licencing divisions, etc.) If these individuals have kids, another program should be checking on the kids, to make sure that they are being taken care of and the money that is intended to be allocated for their use is not being spent in other fashion. This will open jobs within the state (I would rather grow the Govenment instead of taking the same dollars and giving it away to welfare and unemployment). Progrrams for the mentally incapacitated will also kick in to assist those that fall under this category. And yes I would advocate for Drug testing to stay on this program.

All of these programs must be working together wholistically and not just on thier own agenda.

I know it is a large wish list, but hopefully, you take care of those that want to get back on thier feet and weed out those just along for a free ride.

If the program is successful, it won't solve Greg's initial concern of people coming in from other areas outside of Hawaii.

I know that this is not a perfect plan but I believe we need to be heading towards this direction.
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