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Unhappy Re: Homeless solutions

A man I knew lost his domicile. I told him he could spend a week or to camping in our back yard. We provided electricity and water. 5 months later he was still there. We gave him a deadline till June 30. Finally he found a place on the North Shore, work for lodging. He is bi-polar.

He moved, but still has our 4-man tent not yet returned; his bike was stolen while he was here (it was wrecked, and he was trying to fix it).

I fellt sorry for him and wanted to reach out, but my resources were limited. We drove him around to examine several homeless shelters, but he refused, either due to conditions or rules, each time. Our yard was more comfortable.

People need a place where they can protect their belongings, where they can feel safe when they close their eyes.

O`ahu has a long way to go. We can't house the people we have, we should bar the gates against potential future residents who don't have the resources to be homefull. We need a q'nairre before booking to let us know their intentions.
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