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Exclamation Huffington Post Hawaii Launches

Media powerhouse Arianna Huffington and local entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar took the stage at Hawaii Theatre tonight to discuss "The State of the Media," and to celebrate the launch of "Huffington Post Hawaii."

If you click that link before Sept. 4, it won't work. But you can read the announcement here:

Arianna's massive "Huffington Post" brand is partnering with Pierre's "Civil Beat" to mix HP's click-friendly content with CB's civic-minded investigative reporting. And of course there will be a stable of bloggers generating content for free, in exchange for a share of the 75 million plus pageviews that HP draws each month.

Is this a niche in Hawaii's media landscape that needed filling? Will Huffington Post Hawaii trend toward what people in Hawaii want to read, or what people outside the islands want to read about Hawaii?
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