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Lightbulb Re: Isn't construction actually good?

Originally Posted by cabanalane View Post
There will always be someone at the top of the food chain. Let's leave him out (foreign, domestic, or local). Isn't there a lot being trickle down? So it all depends on which side of the fence on stands on.
Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
sure, but those few at the top and getting rich off this or any other mess don't care what side of the fence they're on, it all leads straight to the bank. and no, there is virtually 0 trickle down, IF you're talking about money or any other possible benefits to the non-union working Joe, otherwise it's the same old story of getting trickled on. and we're drowning in it now.
Haha! I love your innuendo, Ron. So true! The banks and other “top of the food chain” types have been in this shibai from Day 1. Did the “Kapolei Chamber of Commerce” pay Nestor Garcia more than the he was getting paid to be a city councilman? Yep. Did he make sure they got everything they wanted? Yep. Did the Ethics Commission fine Garcia $6,500 — the largest fine in history — for his conflict-of-interest? Yep. Does Kirk Caldwell get paid more from Territorial Savings than he gets paid to be mayor? Yep. It goes on and on.

Ron Whitfield, TuNnL and all you peasants need not apply. We can only smile and shake our head as cabanalane plays “apologist” for developers and contractors. Carry on, of course.

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