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Default Re: Zippy's Chili: Has it Always Bean This Way?

Don't you just imagine this big million-gallon tank up there in Waipio Gentry as the bottomless source of this gunk? And the complex system of flexible pipes pumping it into big trucks? (Does Zippy's own Rotor Rooter or does Rotor Rooter own Zippy's?) (hey come to think of it, maybe Zippy's could design a fool-proof sewer system!). And the many minimum-wage workers in hairnets and latex globes with hand can openers dumping in kidney beans, dehydrated onions, Lawry's Chili Mix packets and TVP? And for good measure, some chewy gristly ground beef to assure that it is indeed almost real.

Let's just say I'm no fan of Zip's chili--however, I must confess that I do love a chili frank plate at least once a year.

Now my husband, he can make a mean pot of chili! From the initial asthma inducing browning of poblanos to that garnish of lime squeezed on top, my man knows chili.
Aloha from Lavagal
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