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Default Re: Michelle Wie

Nice catch, Scriv. (And good thinking saving a screen capture locally... of course they've fixed it elsewhere: "Pak lifts LPGA title after play-off win.") A bit of a "Dewey Defeats Truman" flub there! Bet the web team was sitting with their fingers hovering over the "publish" button on different versions of the story, clicking when the final score was posted but forgetting to rewrite the hed.

The correct headlines spreading across the web tell the real story...
The newscasts were so optimistic about her one-off-the-lead standing yesterday... so it was hard not to guess how this tournament was going to end. It's a story we've seen a few too many times.

I wish Wie well, I do. But "Wie almost makes it" won't be news much longer. It barely is now. Sigh. I want her to be an inspiration, not a cautionary tale, you know?
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