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Default Re: mass transit renderings

Originally Posted by Pomai
Was it Mayor Hanneman who recently proposed raising the GET this year to 4.5%? As if THAT would even make a dent in $4.5 Bijilliroonz.

"takes toothpick out of mouth now to sigh*

Just don't run that rail here in Hawaii Kai. Waste $$$. Most of the affluent folks here (me not included) will still drive their own car to work.

Yes, Pomai, da Mayor proposed 4.5%. They sensed the public's unwillingness for such an increase and decided to do it in multiple stages, starting with a 1/4%.

That would be enough for road solutions. HOT lanes would even pay for themselves and carry more people than a rail line.

The average rail system in the US only attracts 5% of commuters. Honolulu planners this week projected it would
serve 120,000 to 150,000 riders per day. That's 25-40% of commuters.

New York has the highest ridership, but still only gets 15% of commuters. They have stations every 1/4 mile. Everyone lives and works within walking distance of the 5 lines that traverse Manhatten.

How can they think one Leeward line in an area wider than Manhatten will attract that many riders???

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