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Default Re: Star Bulletin archives

While you'll definitely be able to find that photo in the microfiche section of any library, the quality of the photo will be very poor.

What I think 68-eldo is looking for is the newspaper's morgue, specifically the photo archives where they keep the negatives (or digital files) of all photographs ever taken, including photos that were never used. In the Star-Bulletin's case, I think that's been a point of contention ever since Gannett bought the Star-Bulletin and kept the photo archives (a valuable historical resource). When David Black bought the Star-Bulletin and resurrected it, they didn't have access to their own photo archives. When David Black bought the Advertiser in 2010 (a big surprise) and consolidated it to the Star Advertiser, they presumably got back control of the photo archives.

At least, that's what I remember. Some other people who used to post here, but don't anymore, know a lot more than I do.

I would suggest you try contacting the Star Advertiser again (or Oahu Publications). I vaguely remember that the newspaper morgue has always been difficult for researchers to access. Good luck.
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