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Default Re: The Honolulu Star Advertiser

Originally Posted by anapuni808 View Post
but you don't care about earning mine? We are the ones who should be paying the lesser amount for a subscription.
I apologize, I never meant to exclude you and I'm sorry you took it that way.

Again, the reasoning behind it is that mainlanders find the site to be far less valuable than residents, so it's valued accordingly.

I won't argue on the merits of how much they should be charged. I am not part of the decision making, nor am I qualified to be part of them. But I see the logic in charging less to out of state folks, particularly since the Star-Advertiser doesn't have the more universal appeal that the New York Times has.

I've heard the argument that the NY Times sees all readers as equal, so why doesn't the Star-Advertiser, but that's because the Times' audience is not only national, but global, just as I read The Guardian pretty regularly.

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