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Default Re: The Honolulu Star Advertiser

A few more thoughts on this subject. Just my opinion, after reading some of the posts.

1. I don't buy the paper version (subscription or news-stand) and never have for years because all that paper is a chore to clean up and get rid of after they pile up in the house or office.

2. In our condo, we used to get the old Star Bulletin for free, which was a nice thing to pick up especially on Sundays. However many times I found that I never had time to go through the paper, and often it sat unread and added to the stuff I had to toss out.

3. I've noticed a few times that someone has left a small stack of Star Advertisers in our downstairs lobby to pick up for free on Sundays again. Often I am not early enough to get em.

4. For a very long time I've relied mainly on the online website to get my news content. I guess that will drastically change when things like Erika Engle's column, Richard Borreca's political piece gets hidden behind the PAYWALL. Oh well, end of linking also to Erika's column on radio stations and stuff.

5. I wonder if we have a big earthquake or some other kind of huge natural disaster if the Star Advertiser will take down their PAYWALL and offer the news as a "public service". If not, well, we get live streams from TV and other "sources". Plenty of free sources of reports to be had from around the internet. Many more timely than the newspaper, even the online stuff. I have the Star Advertiser app in my iPod Touch, and that doesn't get updated as frequently as the apps I have from KITV and KGMB/KHNL Hawaii News Now.

6. I get national and world notifications from other apps and sites for free such as Fox News and BBC.

7. If there are national in-depth news stories, many of the same news stories can be found elsewhere for free. After all AP, NYT, Christian Science Monitor and other news services syndicate these stories to other sites.

8. I think if you have to do a PAYWALL, keep the website FREE, reduce the content and do PAYWALL only with iPad, iPod and Android subscriptions (re: the entire paper through those services). Apple's iPad has surely taken off and offers a great platform to handle that kind of virtual print version of the newspaper.

9. Currently I have no iPad so I won't be subscribing anytime soon. The iPod Touch (and its more popular cousin the iPhone) is too small for me to read text for long sustained periods of time. Those devices are ideal for "at-a-glance" breaking news headlines and streaming audio or video content. A regular computer is better for all electronic content.

10. BTW, I got rid of my Oceanic Cable service in February after my TV broke and the price for standard analog cable went up. Then I found out they are taking away some analog TV channels and still charging the same price. Sorry, when I get a new TV I'm going OTA only. Currently I watch whatever TV content I can find online for free... + DVDs I own or borrow with my computer. Since prices have been steadily climbing over the years (thanks to more increased taxes and crap) I have been steadily cutting back on some services and not buying at all into others (like cell phones).

11. During the March 10 - 11 Japan earthquake, all of my breaking and streaming news came from Hawaii News Now online and some Japanese TV stations that were sending out live video and audio online in real time. The paper doesn't have that kind of resources to do that. Surely the argument will be the "local angle" that news reporting brings on such an event through after the fact reporting.... well we can get a lot of that from our Facebook friends, blogs and even Twitter feeds.. and most of these, especially Facebook will be accounts from people we know.

Anyway this is about the only type of 2 I am offering because I am committed to not buying any subscription at this time to the Star Advertiser PAYWALL content.

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