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Originally Posted by scrivener View Post
Colts 31, Saints 23. I actually think it's going to be 31-20, but something won't let me predict an 11-point differential, so I'll go with 8.
Drew Brees is a former client and personal friend. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and all around good guy. He is very polite and insisted on caling me "sir." He is a fierce competitor and also committed family man. I would be completely shocked if he was ever involved in the hanky panky by professional athletes we read about today.

I lived through his serious shoulder injury and the Chargers sending him packing. He was devasted. He was very ambivalent about going to New Orleans, but that was his only option. The Chargers must look at that decision with some chagrin now.

I have no committment to the Saints as a team, but I'm rooting for Drew. He deserves a ring. The Colts might as well mail in the defeat.
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