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Red face Re: Hawaii TV News Anchors and Reporters - Book 4

I often listen to the TV news rather than watch it. I sheepishly admitted recently that until actually watching the weather report on KITV, I didn't know Cam Tran was a name and not a technology. Her Twitter handle, cited on air (@CamTranLive) didn't help. I figured it was next-generation Doppler or something.

Looking to learn more, I found her 'welcome to WMTW' feature at an ABC affiliate in Maine in 2009. Before that, Abilene and Austin TX.

I guess she's coming in as Moanike'ala Nabarro starts to do features. I also see Yasmin Dar doing more news (versus traffic or 'Social Wire'). Looks like a lot of opportunities (?) to do different things more quickly over there!
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