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Originally Posted by Karen View Post
NO to the rail! I am not going to use it and don't want to pay for it. Everytime they tell us what something on this island will cost, it costs way more, probably cuz of the sometimes absurd union wages.

Building highways above all already existing highways is the way to go, it clutters less of the island and we all get to still use our cars.

No one but one bus rider that I know has said that they are going to use the rail. Where to park to meet the rail, then get back to their car, then stop at the store, and do errands on the way home, nope.....what is going to happen years from now is we may have a very expensive rail system and they'll be begging us to use it.

Most of us like our cars, the privacy and freedom they afford us to do things on our schedules, not the system's, and we are not going to park our cars and stop using them.

To hell with rail....
Thanks Karen. Best post in this thread.

To add to the cost estimate, this item appeared at


The Mayor gives a whole new meaning to the word 'frugal.' And judging from the reactions we have heard in the past 24 hours, the public is not buying it.

That is because the public knows that elected officials will not be satisfied until they build the entire $4.7 billion rail line.

In addition, the public knows that there are going to be significant cost overruns of somewhere between 25 and 50 percent now we are up to $6 to $8 billion.

That is before we get to the interest since the City does not have much cash and will have to borrow all but the $500 million in federal money. This will come from the sale of bonds. If we just pay the 5.5 percent interest on the bonds, that will be $385 million annually.

Only paying the interest would not be too wise since at 25 years out the bills for extensive multi billion rebuild and refurbishing will start coming due. Best we pay off the capital by 25 years out. Let's see, $7 billion paid off with interest at 5.5 percent will take $520 million annually. To that we have to add $75 million annually in additional operating losses over and above the $100+ million for TheBus. Altogether that is about $600 million annually or four times what the percent tax hike will bring in.
The taxpayers cannot afford this.

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