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Perhaps, but I never felt that Spock, Data, Worf, and Odo took much of the story's content. When she came aboard, it was all about Seven.

i'd say that if VGR spent too much time on seven, then TOS spent too much time on spock ("he's half human, but he's half vulcan, so how much human is he really?" as if being two different species required a different math) and TNG on data ("even if i do not have a heart, in terms of physical sexuality, i am fully functional and well-versed in all techniques...cept i cannot speak a contraction and i cannot laugh").

the only diff is that the male trekkies/trekkers pay more attention to the emotionless, human/not-human characters when they have such big...brains...and wear skin tight outfits that emphasize such...brains.
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