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Lightbulb 2018 SoFi Hawai‘i Bowl

Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
Take the Warriors bowling. Take dem bowling.
Well, they sure got bowled over by the solid defense of the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs! The Honolulu Star-Advertiser is already calling it “one of” the worst performances of the season.

I was at the game and I can tell you this: penalties killed any momentum for the Hawai‘i Rainbow Warriors. One after another for holding, facemask, but especially — personal foul. At least one O-lineman triggered back-to-back personals on consecutive plays. KKEA 1420 AM’s radio show called a Hawai‘i Bowl record.

WTF was going on out there, guys?! By halftime, the refs were making SURE they blew their whistles loudly and longly every dead ball — to prevent any “extracurriculars” from developing. The next-to-zero self-control for at least the first three quarters of the game — was only less confounding than the refs throwing an errant flag only to wave it off at least three times.

This is an embarrassing loss for Nick Rolovich. And yes, this is on him because of the sheer lack of a plan to combat LaTech. What ever happened to having one quarterback per game? For better or worse, you stick with your starter, unless he gets hurt. This back and forth stuff is absurd — in a bowl game no less.

And well — not having John Ursua hurt big time. It may have not been the difference between winning and losing, as those ’Dawgs put up some solid D. Pretty sure UH would have put more than two TDs on the board, though. Not a good way to end the season.

Louisiana Tech 31 Hawai‘i 14 Final


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