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Default Re: Box jellyfish/Portuguese man-of-war

Originally Posted by Da Rolling Eye View Post
I hates jellyfish from my days bodysurfing. Came up twice on the same man-o-war and got blasted on my face and neck. Someone had to drive me to Kahuku Hospital for treatment. I don't think I'm allergic to the toxin, but got stung bad enough that the pain caused some distress. My cheek, under my eye, turned greenish black and hard enough to tap my finger nail on and I had welts all around my neck and upper chest which took weeks to clear up.

Whenever we go to the beach, I always pack along Adoph's Meat Tenderizer or a small bottle of vinegar and a bottle of a liquid antihistimine.
OUch! The ones I hate are sea urchins. Smacked the back of my hand into one once. Got spines embedded in my knuckles. I used Adolph's on it right away and didn't hurt. But man, did I get sick from it about a week or so later. Had to go on antibiotics - which for me is a big deal. Then my finger swelled so bad I had to have my rings cut off. Apparently there was still some of the vibro bacteria (learned a lot about sea urchins however) in my knuckle that got released into my system which was already weak from the first go around. Anyway, you get the idea - I hate sea urchins!
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