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Default Re: Box jellyfish/Portuguese man-of-war

Originally Posted by helen
A recent thread about beaches on Oahu leads to a mention of Portuguese man-of-war which they and the Box jellyfish tend to wash up on south Oahu shores 10 days after a full moon (which was last night).
I'm 99.999% sure that it's only box jellies which do that, and not PMOW's. PMOW's are driven solely by the wind, which is why they're mostly seen on our windward shores.
Box jellies don't like bright sunlight, so the when they're here each month they're close to the beach nearest sunrise and sunset, and during midday hours they head to deeper water.
It was a Waikiki lifeguard, as I recall, who figured out their monthly pattern. The area seems to be increasing, too. Used to be just Hanauma Bay to Pokai Bay, but for the past year or so they've also started monthly appearances on the north shore.
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