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Default Re: Schwarzenegger's Controversy

Originally Posted by Kalalau View Post
"Jerk"...I do think it applies in this case. An isolated fling, even one or two, is one thing, but habitually is just wrong, [...]
Once is wrong. Twice is wrong. Habitually is wrong...regardless of who can't keep their pant(ie)s up. My feeling is to either not commit to a relationship or, if already in one when the desire hits, get out of the relationship thru separation or divorce. IOW, be honest. A partner's infidelity causes pain. The deception and betrayal layer on even more pain taking it to a whole new level.
I don't blame Maria for kicking the bum out.[...]
IIRC, she didn't kick him out...or maybe she did and he refused to leave. She left the mansion and has apparently been looking to buy a condo for several months.
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