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Default Re: Schwarzenegger's Controversy

Originally Posted by tutusue View Post
Once is wrong. Twice is wrong. Habitually is wrong...regardless of who can't keep their pant(ie)s up.
My goodness! Finally, a voice of sanity and reason on this situation.

Once upon a time, this would have been the opinion of the American majority. But a decade into the 21st century, I dunno. People are now being conditioned to make a distinction between 1 or 2 "isolated" flings (that's not so bad) vs. rampant womanizing a la Arnold and Tiger (ok, now THAT'S bad).

And yes. If you're a male, then it is somehow hardwired into your DNA to go "a wanderin'." Woah! Since when did they start handing out bachelors degrees in genetics out of Cracker Jack boxes?

Getting back to Arnold,.... it will be interesting to see how this impacts his future. Even without this scandal, he really didn't have many options as far as political advancement was concerned. What most people were looking forward to was whether or not the man would be able to make a comeback as an action movie star. Fathering an illegitimate child and breaking up his family,... I don't think the studios will be too eager to finance a movie starring a man whose reputation is now mud. Arnold's probably going to have to lay low, have this scandal/divorce play out, and wait for public sentiment to soften before he gets back to show biz. That could take awhile. Maybe several years.
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