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Default Re: Schwarzenegger's Controversy

Originally Posted by matapule View Post
Tutu, I hear you and we are on the same page. However, there are many who are comfortable in an "open marriage" (matapule and uaifi are not one of those). I can think of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, Jack and Jackie Kennedy, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. If that kind of marriage works for them, then more power to them.

Blessed Be, Tutu.
I knew to mention open relationships but was too lazy!!! Possibly "open marriage" means something a bit different to the 2 of us. To me it means the couple agree *up front* that each can fling to their hearts content! Or, something close! You named 3 presidential couples as examples. My guess is that each stayed together out of political necessity; if they'd been normal, working couples they might have all ended up in divorce court. I remember Hillary being very unhappy. I still wonder if the Clintons had returned to private life, might they have not stayed together. But, HC jumped into the political forefront where it's just not good politics to split up.
Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
[...] I don't think the studios will be too eager to finance a movie starring a man whose reputation is now mud. Arnold's probably going to have to lay low, have this scandal/divorce play out, and wait for public sentiment to soften before he gets back to show biz. That could take awhile. Maybe several years.
Hollywood is quick to forgive if there's money to be made. A potential production might just place a blurb about Arnold being considered for an upcoming movie just to see what feedback they get.

Arnold's problem isn't just that he cheated on his wife. He cheated on a member of one of America's most beloved families. It shouldn't make a difference as cheating on a wife is enough. But Maria is untarnished and much respected. And, a Kennedy.
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