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Default Re: Schwarzenegger's Controversy

Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
True, but it remains to be seen as to the full extent of damage this scandal will have on the ex-governor's reputation.[...]
Ah, but you lopped off my quote to exclude: "A potential production might just place a blurb about Arnold being considered for an upcoming movie just to see what feedback they get." This will allow for additional "breaking news"!!! I'm not saying a production will test the waters like that, just that it's an option. Personally. I wouldn't see an Arnold movie regardless of his reputation. But a lot of people would and will and some just because of this mess he's in.
Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
Even if Arnold claims the affair was consensual, believe you me, he's not going to get the benefit of the doubt if Mildred Baena says otherwise.
And we know what her lawyer will advise!
Originally Posted by craigwatanabe View Post
The Kennedy family has it's own share of cheating, this time however the tables have turned on one of their own. Not Maria's fault, however it wasn't Arnold that tainted the Kennedy name it already was.
My point was that Maria, who is a Kennedy, is untarnished. The men in the family are not. Still, it's been a lotta years so the Kennedy "taint" has softened.
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