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Default Re: Schwarzenegger's Controversy

Originally Posted by tutusue View Post
Ah, but you lopped off my quote to exclude: "A potential production might just place a blurb about Arnold being considered for an upcoming movie just to see what feedback they get." This will allow for additional "breaking news"!!! I'm not saying a production will test the waters like that, just that it's an option. Personally. I wouldn't see an Arnold movie regardless of his reputation. But a lot of people would and will and some just because of this mess he's in.
We'll just have to wait and see on that.

Speaking on whether or not people would pay to watch the movie, just to see how a disgraced actor is doing,.... The Beaver has stumbled out of the gate at the box office. Apparently, not a whole lot of people are interested in gawking at the train wreck named Mel Gibson.

As devastating as the audio tapes of Gibson swearing and ranting were, me thinks that allegations of Arnold being a sexual predator are worse. How is he going to take on the part of heroic figures, if you have feminists picketing his premiere, lambasting him with rapist accusations? How can he take part in light-hearted comedies like Kindergarten Cop, for that matter? The only thing that would be left for him are movies where he plays the villain.
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