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Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
And yes. If you're a male, then it is somehow hardwired into your DNA to go "a wanderin'." Woah! Since when did they start handing out bachelors degrees in genetics out of Cracker Jack boxes?
I guess that's meant as an insult to Kalalau. I thought you encouraged "Polite discussion of difference of opinion...." The above is not a polite comment.

It's not even an accurate representation of what Kalalau said, "men are wired to spread the DNA around," is not the same as 'hardwired into your DNA.' If you were referring to Kalalau, you got it wrong.

In any case, it hardly requires a B.A. in genetics; paying attention in high school biology class is adequate. (Of course in high school we were more interested in applied biology....) In fact just observing human nature world-wide is adequate demonstration of the fact. There's plenty of evidence out there if you'd care to do the research.
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