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Lightbulb Re: Schwarzenegger's Controversy

Originally Posted by tutusue View Post
Once is wrong. Twice is wrong. Habitually is wrong...regardless of who can't keep their pant(ie)s up. My feeling is to either not commit to a relationship or, if already in one when the desire hits, get out of the relationship thru separation or divorce. IOW, be honest. A partner's infidelity causes pain. The deception and betrayal layer on even more pain taking it to a whole new level.
Sue, you are right on, but we need a couple side-notes.

If you choose a committed relationship and fidelity, it's wrong to cheat, period. It's a lie and a betrayal. People can be forgiven, though, and "go, and sin no more!" If they can commit to that, it can become a strong relationship. Everybody makes mistakes - some hurt more than others.

Ultimately, one partner or the other must decide: forgive? separate? divorce? execution? (I was going to say 'just kidding,' but some more backward cultures condone that.)

If it's an open relationship, where both partners agree to it, then it's not infidelity.

Not all adults are mature, and not everyone understands themselves well enough to make a commitment they cannot later keep. In that case, they should respect their partner enough to own up and take the consequences.
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