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Default Re: The Honolulu Star Advertiser

While I mostly disagree with a lot of the editorial viewpoints in the Honolulu Weekly, in this week's edition they had a good story about Media Monopolies in the Hawaii market, mostly singling out the Star-Advertiser and Hawaii News Now mergers and monopolies.

Surely the Weekly has an axe to grind against the Star Advertiser given that their printing rates went through the roof and that the big paper asked them to pay up or go to court. So I can see why they published this article.

Overall for the Hawaii market the mostly one paper town has been an expensive deal for advertisers, other papers and consumers. They pointed out to the tiered expense of subscriptions being more costly for Oahu residents vs. those on the neighbor islands and the mainland... and then I know of an Oahu resident who got a deal of subscription for one dollar a week.
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