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Default Re: The Honolulu Star Advertiser

The Starvatiser has stooped to a new low early this evening. Here I am at home, minding my own business, eating my early dinner.

I get a phone call. I pick up the phone. And guess what? It's some TELEMARKETER calling me from the "Star Advertiser"!

What's up with that?

I am on the National DO NOT CALL list for my phone number. And now the Starvatiser is cheating and using telemarketing to get people to subscribe or what? I have never, ever done business with the firm since they became the "Star Advertiser". Many, many years ago I did subscribe to the weekend Honolulu Advertiser just to get the TV schedule and ads.

But that subscription expired many, many years ago. And at that time after I cancelled I told them never to call me up to get me to re-subscribe. So officially I should have never been contacted by the new entity because I have never done any business with them except browse their website anonymously when it was free up to this past August.

Now I don't want to have anything to do with the Starvatiser in terms of being a subscriber ever. The "Star Advertiser" gives favor to one bunch of subscribers over others in terms of what they get based on where they live. Plus some people get plum deals of $52 for 52 weeks in both print and internet. Most do not I presume.

Needless to say I gave the hapless woman on the line a piece of my mind,

So in essence I continue to hold my ground of not wanting to subscribe... now or ever. Getting a telemarketing call from their subscription department further cements my position.

May they go down soon if they are stooping to using telemarketing tactics. No one wants to be bothered by telemarketers, email spammers and junk faxers.
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