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Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
It's so funny even the actors crack up on camera.
Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
But, I can't think of an actor who laughs on camera on a pre-taped sitcom.
Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
It's rare and brief of course, but things were looser back then on the cheap shows, they'd let things slide if only to save $.
Editing is quicker, cheaper and easier now, so "corpsing" (cracking up during filming) is generally removed now - the scene is re-shot.

Years ago, it used to be a source of pride to get your fellow performers to lose it, due to your antics. Tim Conway was a master of the craft; he would crack Harvey Korman most often, so much so that it became a regular part of the broadcasts of "The Carol Burnett Show" - usually because they could never get a good take out of the team. If they ran a scene again and again to get good footage, it would take so long that they lost the great audience reactions.
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