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Default Re: Dogs of C-Kennel

It seems that the links to the various characters in the Dogs of C-Kennel are out of date.

The following links may not be the original ones but I think it covers the characters.

Kenny and his fleas doing a take off on the movie Titanic.
Will and Tucker about using Amazon Drones to escape C-Kennel.
Will digging his way out with Kenny just being in the strip.
Will digging again this time meeting Spook from Wizard of ID.
Another attempt by Will to dig his way out only to end up in Swan Station in the TV series Lost.
Tucker telling Will and Kenny the latest weather reports from Facebook.
Will, Coco, Iggy, Tucker and Kenny celebrating the Fourth of July, which is one of Will favorite holidays. Coco is the one holding a horseshoe while Iggy is the small dog with the earmuffs.
Coco watching Will, Kenny and Tucker doing a YouTube video.
Wheeler and his many lovelives.
Iggy and Will.
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