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Default Re: Non-toxic weed control?

I've found a product that is working well. I've applied it twice to my entire yard, and its done a very good job with about 80o% of the weeds.
JH Biotech Weed Zap
This contact, non-selective, broad spectrum, biodegradable, foliar herbicide is made from clove and cinnamon oils.JH Biotech Weed Zap will only control actively growing emerged green vegetation and controls annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds. It will only affect plants that are coated with the spray solution and does not damage non-green woody plants.

Finding it can be a challenge, one source is that it is carried by some some Farm supply stores. It is a concentrated solution that is diluted and applied by with a pump-style-sprayer (luckily I already have one).
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