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Thumbs up Re: Waianae school absenteeism

It's not the fault of the teachers; they have no choice other than to mirror the integrity of the university's sp-com professors.

Leadership Training has yet to be a requirement for education and health-care majors. "Teachers" have been loosed into the system without having demonstrated an ability to create effective agreements, specifically a student-parent agreement to turn in homework neatly and on time. Through leadership training one discovers what it takes to inspire parents to support their child's teacher—specifically—intention.

Children have no choice other than to mirror the integrity of the adults around him/her. Children misbehave, fail in school, and even get sick to bring to anyone's attention that they are not in-communication with anyone, that the adults around him/her have become stuck doing their imitation of communication.

I'm so very pleased to see posts about such matters.

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