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The question of motivation I guess does not really matter. On one hand the guy might have sold out national security and made protecting against additional 9 11s difficult or impossible and cost agents their lives or at least their covers, etc, based on some moral principles, and on the other hand he might have done it just because like so many white people he hates Obama, which is what the article made it sound like. I am coming to the regretful conclusion that the country just can't afford to have non white leadership, too many whites are too petty and hateful and spiteful and destructive, glad to take the whole ship of state down out of their hatred for non white leadership. No matter how competent the non white might be, America will only be satisfied with whites in power even if they are destructive incompetent idiots like Bush. Congress does not work any more basically because Obama is not white, and Snowden seems to be another example of a bitter white man eager to sacrifice the national security just to vent his hatred of a non white president. Sad. Its not a firm conclusion yet but thats the way things seem to look as of now.
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