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Originally Posted by Kalalau View Post
Head of the NSA says it is already harder to counter terrorists because of Snowden's leaks. Of course thats what you'd expect him to say but that doesn't change the fact that he is probably right. Snowden had ideals. So did the people who gave A Bomb & H Bomb secrets to Stalin and that didn't help the US either. Ideals don't operate in a vacuum. Hitler had his own ideals too. Some secrets do need to be kept. It is that kind of world.
History has shown us that some of the most corrupt and oppressive political leaders have used the tactic of fear mongering to gain power and get people to wilingly cede their rights and liberties away.

Kalalau, it's up to you how you want to live your life. For me and others, it's takes more than some vague claims about counter terrorism efforts from NSA and the Obama administration in order to convince us that an unlimited spying program not subject to transpancy is necessary to our national security.

Already, Congress is seriously talking about legislation to place limits and institute a system of checks-and-balances on govt. spying to decrease the chance of someone abusing that power. You can thank one Edward Snowden for that.
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