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There are 2 cameras on the iPod Touch. One forward facing and one facing you... or is it backward facing... whatever. One you use to take pictures of yourself, the other you use to take pictures of stuff.

The still camera is definitely undwhelming... about the same .0975 DPI as my lowly Nintendo DSi. Still I have used the camera to take a lot of low-res pictures when I have nothing else around.

That said, the video camera function is superb. The back camera take high definition video as far as I know... very clear and nice. Probably equal to the 4G iPhone.

Other than that, the reason why I own an iPod Touch is because it can do most everything else the iPhone or the iPad can do but in a smaller and cheaper package... re: NO CELL PHONE BILL! You lay out money to buy an iPod Touch and you don't get hit with a monthly bill like a cell phone. I like that.
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