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Default Re: Bobby Ingano Trio @ Dot's

well awrighty then, we've just been graciously re upped for a whole new year of Monday evenings at Dot's in Wahiawa with an extra day or two tossed in weekly, many thanx to boss Scott Harada for being so cool. now we can go forward on a few ideas we've been contemplating to make the whole thing even more fun for our regulars and those who've been coming all the way out, plus enticing the curious to join in the vintage Hawaiian Swing and quasi tiki scene we've created out in good ol' Wahiawa. we've been blessed with an awesome array of big time talent showing up to join in or just hang out this past half year and '16 promises more real accomplishments for all involved. it's a blast and the food is tasty, c'mon out and dig it! 5:30 to 9pm every Mon.
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