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Originally Posted by pzarquon View Post
Message boards are definitely not a thing anymore. The public square of the internet has moved to Facebook, which is a tragedy, really.
I think Facebook is popular because 1. everyone is there and 2. the end user can select what they want to discuss whether it be politics, movies, music, etc.... and all the sub-genres in the categories. It allows users to "stay safe" within the closed communities which they may belong... and if something does not jive very well, then it is easy to quit any community/forum/group/page.

Still Facebook has some serious problems in the fact that everyone there is a marketing target for FB and their affiliates to target you with ads, offers and god knows what.

Still I am there because many other people I know are there from near and far... and we get to pick and choose our "friends" or "followers".

Plus the interface as crummy as it may be, is familiar all across the world so that everyone has the same U.I. no matter where they live. In the heydey of BBS's and internet message boards that followed, depending on what board you belonged to, the user interface was always different.
I'm still here. Are you?
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