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Default Re: now that we can see the end coming...

trudy, my top lawyer? Mick Mulvaney, my White House Chief of Staff? Gordon Sundland, my US Ambassador to the European Union?
I don't know these guys! I only commit treasonous crimes with them! do you really expect me to recall everybody I break laws with?
lolol last lines of defense... meet the underside of the impeachment bus.
it's the KKKeystone KKKops turning on each other en mass, which of course everybody knew would happen eventually.
with the parade of major players on parade before Congress compounding the mountain of incontrovertible evidence against traitor trump that came straight out of his own stupid mouth and the slam dunk incriminating transcript he was sure would absolve him instantly the Dems don't need holdouts like Bolton et al. everything after they admitted guilt is gravy, Steve Bannon spilling more beans in court today and Roger Stone caving to pressure are just a drop in the river of excoriating proof before the hearings become prime time viewing next week for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to see them all fold like a rack of cheap suits.
then we have top traitor righty KKKlown show attack dog Jim Jordan in hot water again for shrugging off rape accusations lawsuit just as he's taking the lead from traitor Devin Nunez in the hearings. you couldn't have written a science fiction comedy script to match a fraction of this bullshit which makes Watergate pale like Casper The Friendly Ghost.

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