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Default Re: now that we can see the end coming...

the freak sideshow and soon to be inevitable main event is the bloodbath of throwing each other under the bus of American justice and traitor trudy has revealed that he has ''insurance'' should he become another of traitor trump's victims as distancing becomes another typically pathetic recourse of desperation for the guilty parties. soon, traitor trump, who's claimed not to know his entire crime circle will contend that he's never ever known anybody on the planet. lolol

then there's this further incriminating tidbit from a 2nd bombshell turncoat from the traitor trump fold; OMB official traitor Mark Sandy is now scheduled to testify behind closed doors on Saturday, significant because traitor Sandy was previously scheduled to testify and refused to show up, suggesting that he's changed his mind under pressure to save his ass and is now willing to testify. bad news for his boss, panicking OMB Director traitor Mick Mulvaney.
traitor trump's rats are now rapidly jumping the sinking ship and the proceedings aren't yet to day 2. this will not end well for anybody but The American People.
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