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Default Re: Hauling & Dump Run Help

Originally Posted by craigwatanabe View Post
Try some of the non-profits. If they have the capacity with manpower and trucks, offer them a donation to haul as a community service then write it off. It's a thought
This is similar to my suggestion, which is a church. I used Word of Life 3 years ago for a move and they took all the stuff I didn't want. They also cleaned my office from floor to ceiling and cleaned the carpet...but you're not looking for that! I got estimates from professional companies so I'd have an idea what to offer as a donation. What I loved about WoL is that this service used their youth at risk kids/young adults. A couple of the teens were special needs kids. It was so great to watch the young adults oversee and encourage the teens. I don't know if WoL still offers this service.
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