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Default Re: "Lost" - Season 5: Episode & Storyline Discussion

Originally Posted by helen View Post
The people who took Miles in the van in the flashback who do they represent? Ben's people? Widmore's people? Another group unheard of (maybe they belong to 2nd season Nathan who Goodwin killed) yet?
Well, they can't be Widmore's people. They don't want Miles working for Widmore.

Might they be Ben's people? The guy from the van is now one of the Bounty Huntress's men with guns on the island. But they don't seem to be on Ben's side.

Maybe they are with the recently deceased "Delivery Guy" who appears to have been trying to blackmail Widmore with the 815 fakery evidence.

BTW, how did Faraday get off the island so that he could take the submarine back?

And no new Lost next week? Dammit!
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