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Default Re: What's for Dinner - Chapter 6

Originally Posted by Expat Kamaaina View Post
Hi Guys and Gals:

I thought I would just post something here. I always wonder why the postings here are about fast food and junk food --- not criticizing, but just asking.
Originally Posted by anapuni808 View Post
the postings you see are supposed to be "whats for dinner" so we post what we had for dinner.
I hear you, Expat. But Anapuni is also correct. It's just that we're too lazy or time-deprived these days. How many people today prepare dinner from scratch? I used to cook from scratch a lot, but now I rarely do.

Last night's dinner for me: already-cooked "take home" pork chops from Times Supermarket. Really good. It was grilled, and had a defintely smoky taste, but it was covered in gravy! Just re-heat, add a mound or two or three of rice, some corn (frozen), and a salad. My only "scratch" contribution was the salad dressing (olive oil, Dijon mustard, rice wine vinegar, a little bit of freshly ground pepper and kosher salt, a touch of sugar, and dried basil).

Another reason why this thread seems mostly fast food/junk food infused is that our most prolific contributor is Helen, our Junk Food Guru .

I must admit, I enjoy the mundane (and sometimes spectalular) posting of "What's for Dinner".