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Default Re: What's for Dinner - Chapter 6

Originally Posted by anapuni808 View Post
Expat -I cook every night. Haven't been to a fast food place since I don't know when. but, I don't post every day because its just regular food. If I try a new recipe or something like that, then yes - I post it. I think probably most of us think that what we have for dinner just isn't usually interesting enough to share.
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I understand. But I was thinking that in my hasty typing, I probably did not make myself very clear. I am not looking for fancy or unique menu items. I am interested in pretty standard stuff (I like simple, hearty, and comfort foods) but that might give me new ideas.

For instance, I love stews, all kinds of stews. I like brown gravy stew, tomato paste/sauce based stews, curry stews, adobo type stews, etc. etc. I like to use different meats. I especially like beef (I am a beef eater). I make beef stews with chuck roast, short ribs, brisket, but I don't use "stew meat" or round steak/roasts. That is because the taste is not there with those cuts of meat....probably no enough fat content or collagen content. I love oxtail stew --- but does anyone else have any other ideas or suggestions?

I love osso bucco. But the only osso bucco that I like is with veal shanks. I have eaten pork shank osso bucco and lamb shank osso bucco, but does anyone else have any other ideas?

I like all kinds of fish, especially local kine fish. Has anyone every broiled or baked fish with mayonnaise? With maybe green onions or dill in the mayo? We do that with salmon and when I can get papio. Sometimes the papio gets dry, but with the mayo, it is super ono.

I have tried to copy the way that Helena's makes their short ribs pipikaula, but I cannot get it right. My wife loves loves that kind of pipi. I like the seasoned and salted flank steak pipi from Haile's in the old Ala Moana Marketplace. Anyone know those recipes?

So enough of my bantering. This is what I want to get started. Anyone have any ideas as to what to name the new thread like this?