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Default Re: What's for Dinner - Chapter 6

Hi ExPat...I too love hearty meals and a huge fan of eating stew in different variations. I found quick stir-frys can be easy to cook and hearty at the same time. Simple dishes like chicken tofu over rice or beef with broccoli can really hit the comfort zone, or beef kalderetta (filipino stew). Another dish that I whipped up this week, and my kidlets macked on was chicken cacciatorre - my kids whoofed down some zucchini and - loving it. A childhood favorite that my pops would cook was beef togue with carrots and potatoes - tender and tasty . I need to get my grandma's recipe from him. Oh...and one of my all-time favorites is making baby back adobo ribs - yum-o!!! My cooking is simple and very limited, but it seems to work when I pinch hit for the wifey. It certainly is relaxing and fun too.