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Default Update!

Moving right along... Most of the setup and design bugs have been stamped out, but let me know if you experience or see anything weird.

Yes, there are way too many topic areas. After we get a feel for what people actually talk about, things will get combined or rearranged as needed. For now, most everything is covered. has also now been linked up with its "partner sites,", and, and a smattering of Google Ads placed to help snare folks searching for "Hawaii chat" or "Hawaii forum" - so here's hoping more folks can find us.

On the "goodies" side, I've made a handful of little avatars, or icons you can use to represent yourself on the board. I've even made a plumeria icon for the site, so if you bookmark in your browser, or drag the address from your browser to your Windows desktop, the site will be represented by a pretty flower rather than a cold, blue "e."