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Default Re: Questions about the Apple TV

Helen, I know Ryan used to be a big fan but I don't know if he still has it.

Apple TV works like other set-top streaming devices. The content isn't actually stored on it (although I had no idea it had a 64 gb storage capacity; maybe I'm wrong!). Instead, when you select your source as the Apple TV device, your TV basically turns into desktop similar to a tablet or computer. You are presented with "apps" that deliver your content to you. So, there's a Netflix app, and if you subscribe to Netflix streaming, you can log in to the Netrlix app on your TV and access the content (including your queue and ratings and stuff) right on your TV. There are non-subscriber apps as well, such as Hulu and Crackle, which give you access to their streaming content in premium and free accounts, the same way visiting their website or launching their apps on a tablet might.

I haven't played with Apple TV, but my assumption is that there are a music app, a movies app, and a TV app just as on an iPhone or iPad. Selecting one of those apps and connecting your Apple account gives you access to your purchased content, which you can then stream to your TV the same way you might stream them to your smartphone or iPad. Does this make sense?

Other devices work similarly: Roku and Chromecast, for example.

So I don't think the size of your library is an issue at all: the devices uses your net connection to stream from the cloud to your TV.
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